Impact Model

From production to profit, Axol & Friends is committed to making a difference every step of the way. Here is how...

WE BEGIN with sustainable fair-wage production that is ethical and environmentally conscious. What do all those buzz words really mean? It means we pay our producers a solid high rate, create our plush toys with eco-friendly materials, and package them in recycled cardboard boxes. We are committed to growing our sustainability, actively looking to source materials that are even more sustainable. By 2019 we aim to only use natural dyes and organic cotton to make all our toys, and will partner with transformative employment programs to create greater social change and empowerment!
NEXT, we sell these plush toys to spread awareness about endangered species and raise revenue. At the moment we have Axol the axolotl, and soon will include Java the pangolin, his best friend! In addition, we donate many of our plushies to be companions for children going through hard times. We hope that everyone who adopts a plush Axol can have a lifetime of adventures, learning, and joy, regardless of whether they are able to pay. We value people over profit, always.
FINALLY, we use the profit from the sales to fund after-school programs that empower children and teach the importance of environmental conservation. We currently have partnerships in Mexico and the U.S., and actively seek new partnership opportunities. If you happen to be an NGO or Nonprofit Organization with values aligned to ours, we invite you to email us!
...and then we repeat the process, increasing our impact and momentum with every cycle. AxolinBox

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